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About us.

Create since march 2007 Meetafrika is today the number one of free dating website. It offers a dating service between person opposite sex or the same sex and welcome all members over 18 years (mandatory). Although oriented to African cultures (sub-Saharan Maghreb, etc.). Meetafrika is open to every religions, cultures, wherever you come our service is open up to everyone of you. It is a dating service totally free (and it/'s always will be).

We are number one because :

  • We actively fight against scams.
  • Will our profiles are true.
  • Our site is secured and supported by the best web technologies.
  • We are working on a design for the game, more humane.
  • We guide you and offering a quality service.
  • We respect our users (private life, confidentiality) and offer a quality service that resembles them.
  • We have a long experience of internet dating we can guidance.
  • we will give a social dimension to our project. we really believe that there is not that amorous encounters that are beautiful. Friendly matches also ....

for so many another reasons, Meetafrika long will the number one of free dating websites.

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Meetafrika is a responsive website. Everywhere you go, whatever your screen, you will be able to do a dating with someone. Meetafrika, will be always with you.

Meetafrika responsive
Meetafrika responsive

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